Decacer is a leader in maple product processing and marketing. Decacer products are sold under its own brand name and under a variety of retailers’ private brand names. They are also sold as ingredients to restaurants and in food processing industry.

Maple syrup

Hundreds of maple producers supply our syrup, which is painstakingly selected by our master sugar makers. Then, it is carefully inspected by our quality control team before being processed or bottled. Decacer maple syrup is outstanding in delicacy, purity, and authenticity.

Golden with delicate taste

Colour : 75 – 100%

Flavour : Delicate and mild

Produced at the beginning of the season, the golden maple syrup has a mild taste. Its delicate and subtle aromas of flowers, vanilla, nuts and fruits naturally blend with the other flavour ingredients in recipes.

Recommended use:

Ideal on fruits like strawberries, bananas and mangoes or to lightly spice up white sauces and dressings.



Amber with rich taste

Colour : 50 – 74.9%

Flavour : Balanced

Perfectly balanced, the amber maple syrup shows sweet aromas of caramel and maple with a touch of vanilla. It’s the consumers’ favourite and probably the most versatile maple syrup.

Recommended use:

Particularly appropriate to pour on pancakes, waffles, crepes and French toast as well as for sauces and icings.



Dark with robust taste

Colour : 25 – 49.9%

Flavour : For maple lovers

Rich and complex, it offers a strong flavour of maple, butterscotch and maple taffy with aromas of brown coffee. It can leave a slightly bitter aftertaste, but not as strong as the very dark syrup.

It’s the maple producers’ favourite syrup.

Recommended use:

For cooking or as a table syrup, it is perfect with oatmeal, an Asian chicken stir-fry and to sweeten coffee and tea. Its flavours get stronger through cooking.



Very dark with strong taste

Colour : 0 – 24.9%

Flavour : Strong, perfect for cooking

Produced at the end of the season, the very dark syrup has the strongest taste. It shows hints of black coffee, chocolate, toasted bread, walnuts and molasses.

It can leave a slightly bitter aftertaste and is preferred as a baking ingredient or to darken sauces rather than as a table syrup.

Recommended use:

Ideal for baking or to accompany pork and beef. It’s the star ingredient of the best dark sauces and food to be smoked or cooked on the grill.



which one is your favourite?

All maple syrups are not alike. Click on each bottle to discover a wealth of information on each maple grade including flavours and recommended uses.

Packing and sizes

Decacer maple syrups are available in a selection of packages and sizes perfectly suited to the needs of consumers and the food processing industry.


Glass bottles : 189ml, 250ml
375ml, 500ml


Plastic bottles : 250mL,
500ml, 1L, 4L


Bulk : 25kg, 290kg

Maple flakes and sugar

Decacer maple flakes and sugar are made from pure, premium-quality maple syrup. Our innovative dehydration process ensures uniform, dry products that never harden. The delicate flavour and crispy texture of the maple flakes add an elegant touch to any dish.

With Decacer maple products, you will find healthier and tastier alternatives to traditional sugar, that combine nutritional value and delicious flavour, so no need to choose between taste and health.

All natural

Contains no colouring, artificial flavours, preservatives, or additives.


Made entirely from pure maple syrup.


Ideal for consumers seeking an authentic healthy flavour.

Packages and sizes

Maple sugar
maple flakes











Eat a little, get a lot

There is a growing interest for health, food and cooking and new culinary trends emerge from the search for new flavours and local products from chefs. With their distinctive taste and exceptional nutritional value, maple products are part of these trends.

Reinvent your recipes and (re) discover the benefits of maple products.