New packaging

September 2016

Have you seen our new packaging?

We decided to redefine our corporate identity and took special care in redesigning our packaging.

In compliance with the new grading system, we now offer four grades of maple syrup. Each maple syrup grade has a different flavour, so it is now much easier for the consumer to choose the right maple syrup and get the most out of it.

Two new maple sugar and maple flakes formats are also being introduced this year. Maple flakes are now available in a 170 g bag; and no need to grind them anymore, since maple sugar is now available in a 220 g bag. These new larger sizes are more convenient for those who regularly use maple products in their recipes.

We opted for an elegant signature look inspired by users of our product sharing good times in family.

We now offer more convenient formats, specially designed with a comforting, natural and authentic look!