New grading system

September 2016

New grading system regulation coming into force soon!

The maple industry is taking steps to harmonize the maple syrup grading systems in order to put an end to the confusion among all the different systems used in Quebec, Canada and the United States.

Beginning on December 12, 2016, every maple syrup bottle must be produced in compliance with a new grading system, more consistent and relevant. All maple syrup sold in stores is now grade A, putting an end to the former grading system, which included three categories and five grades of syrup.

The new maple syrup grading system includes 4 colours with taste descriptors, ranging from the more delicate to the strongest:

  • Golden, with delicate taste, shows subtle aromas of vanilla, nuts and fruits. Ideal on fruit or to spice up white sauces and dressings. Light transmission rates*: more than 75%.
  • Amber, with rich taste, offers sweet aromas of caramel and maple with a touch of vanilla. Ideal to pour on pancakes, waffles and French toast. Particularly appropriate for sauces and icings. The consumers’ favourite and probably the most versatile maple syrup. Light transmission rates: between 50% and 74.9%.
  • Dark, with robust taste, offers a strong flavour of maple, butterscotch and maple taffy with aromas of brown coffee. Perfect with oatmeal, an Asian chicken stir-fry and to sweeten coffee and tea. Light transmission rates: 25% to 49.9%.
  • Dark, with strong taste, shows hints of black coffee, chocolate, toasted bread, walnuts and molasses. To use for baking or to accompany pork and beef. It’s the star ingredient of the best dark sauces and food to be smoked or cooked on the grill. Its intense flavour is perfect for a wide range of culinary dishes. Light transmission rates: 25% and less.

* Each colour of syrup indicates the percentage of light transmission, in other words, the amount of light that the syrup lets through. A clear solution, like water, has a rate of 100% light transmission, while an opaque solution, such as molasses, indicates 0%.

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The colour and flavour of maple syrup depends on when the syrup was produced. During the same season of harvest, the composition of maple sap changes due to warming temperatures. At the beginning of the season, we get clear syrup, with a delicate and subtle taste, and as the season progresses, the colour becomes darker and the taste gets stronger.