Health nutrition

Decacer maple products are naturally made from the purest maple sap and offer interesting nutritional benefits.

Naturally pure

Naturally good

Maple syrup is natural and minimally processed. Compared to traditional sugar, which offers absolutely no nutrients, each portion of maple syrup contains vitamins, minerals and 4 mg of polyphenols.


All natural. Decacer maple syrup, as any pure maple syrup, contains no colouring, artificial flavours, preservatives, or additives.

Beneficial properties. Maple syrup contains phenolic compounds called polyphenol at a concentration of 4 mg per portion of 60 ml.

Source of essential minerals. Each serving of maple syrup contribute to the daily intake of following vitamins and minerals:

  • 100% manganese
  • 37% riboflavin
  • 18% zinc
  • 7% magnesium
  • 5% calcium
  • 5% potassium

Decacer maple syrup, like all 100 % pure maple syrup is:





With Decacer you get consistent quality and compliance with the best practices in terms of safety and food security.

Healthy Eating Advice

Many nutritionists agree that there are better and healthier choices to artificial sweeteners. Processed foods and artificially sweetened products often contain too much added sugar and artificial ingredients. Instead, choosing plain products and adding a bit of maple syrup or some maple flakes to taste, is an easy way to cut down your sugar intake and to include more natural food in your daily diet. Real food. Real good.