About us

Decacer’s mission is to promote maple products as the healthy and sophisticated alternative to traditional sugar.

Leader in maple products

Decacer is built on the dreams and determination of the Levasseur family. The entrepreneurial spirit flowing through the family tree pushed them to offer only the best maple products on the market. They started their business determined to carve out a place of choice in the maple market with innovative products. Now, Decacer is a leader in maple products, processing by consistently supplying quality products to retail, export, and food markets.

Always striving to do better, the Levasseur family regularly reinvests most of the profits. In 2015, more than 1 M$ was invested in the expansion of their facilities in order to increase production capacity. Featuring the latest in technology, including an innovative dehydration process, the production plant meets the highest industry standards. It is located in Degelis, in the lower St. Lawrence region, one of the world’s most productive maple syrup regions, while Decacer’s head office, sales and exports are located in Levis, near Quebec City.

Entrepreneurs and philanthropists | The Levasseur family gets behind numerous causes and brings incredible enthusiasm to help improve the quality of life in their community. Decacer proudly sponsors the fight against dropping out of school, the development of young local artists and athletes, the provision of palliative care and the establishment of youth centers, to name a few. Some say it is philanthropy. To Decacer, it is simply a way to give back for a brighter future.


our values constantly drive us to improve and excel.

Respect the people and the environment in recognizing the key role of integrity.

Encourage a healthy diet based on unprocessed, nutritious foods.

Promote maple products as the best alternative to traditional sugar because of their purity and superior nutrition.

Foster healthy, honest relationships with our employees, business partners and customers.


Our commitments are the cornerstone of our business and guide our business decisions.


We believe that trust is based on transparency in working methods as well as in relation to our staff and partners.


We promote minimally processed healthy foods that are nutrient rich and contain no additives (colourings, preservatives, artificial flavours).


We respect and protect nature’s resources with our manufacturing, processing and packaging processes to ensure high quality natural products.


We build long-term business relationships with our staff and partners through working methods based on trust and authenticity.


We foster a culture of quality through simplicity and efficiency.