Enjoy this pure maple moment

Life is made of precious moments

Like sharing good times with friends, savouring a heartwarming treat

Decacer, proud sponsor of authentic pure maple benefits

Decacer pure and authentic

At Decacer, we believe that nature is generous and respectfully, we try to get the most out of it. That’s why our unique selection of syrups, sugar and maple flakes are made from the purest maple sap. Our products contain no colouring, no artificial flavours, no preservatives or additives. They are rich in vitamins and minerals essential to the health of bones.

Decacer’s plant is located in one of the world’s most productive maple syrup regions. Featuring the latest in technology, including an innovative dehydration process, it meets the highest industry standards. Decacer has emerged as a leader in maple products processing by consistently supplying quality products to retail, export, and food markets.

Each Decacer product is natural, pure and as authentic as nature is.


Maple syrups

Decacer maple syrup is outstanding in delicacy, purity, and authenticity.


Maple flakes and sugar

Delicious and crispy, maple flakes add an elegant maple touch to any dishes.



Decacer organic maple products are all certified Canada Organic and Ecocert.